Braggin' on God

Are you aware that there are benefits to braggin' on God? Let me tell you about them -
1. Braggin' on God helps us remember. And we need lots of help remembering, because we can tend to be forgetful--especially when facing unpleasant circumstances. The more we talk about God and brag on God, the more we remember who He is and how big He is. If we can remember what God has done for us in the past, we can trust Him for today and tomorrow. We need to revisit His goodness often.
2. Braggin' on God encourages others and gives them hope. If others hear us talk about God's faithfulness and goodness and provision and care and healing and love and all the wonderful things He does, they should be encouraged. They should be filled with hope by realizing that God is a big God and that He is fully able to do the same thing in their lives.
3. The best benefit of braggin' on God is that it glorifies Him. And that's why we were created in the first place! When we brag on God, we shine the light on Him. When we brag on God, He smiles. Big time.
I personally believe we should have braggin' on God parties instead of Tupperware parties. What do you think? It's a great thing to do. That's why I've included this page.
Would you like to join the braggin' on God party? Let's hear your story.
video s. Post
March 28, 2018
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Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 14, 2018
Alicia J. Post
September 9, 2016
During the Memorial weekend of 2014, my husband and I were involved in a very traumatic motorcycle accident rendering me practically non-ambulatory for nearly a year. Although I have miraculously recovered 95% from the physical injuries sustained, it has taken two years before truly being able to regain and stabilize the mental state of mind and emotional processing due to the much needed medications used for extreme pain. The extent of my injuries involved: (2) cervical vertebrae fractures of the neck, a fractured sternum or breastbone, (2) thoracic and lumber vertebral spine fractures, (2) Cervical vertebrae spine fractures, (3) broken ribs, a punctured lung and the other collapsed. Unsure and with reservations concerning the injuries and surgical procedures, the team of doctors were unable to determine whether I would be paralyzed, a quadriplegic or even survive the 9-hour surgery of implanting 2 titanium rods in my neck, 2 - 4inch titanium rods in my spine and 8 screws to keep them stable. During the time of recovery, I reached a point of wanting to give up and give in to the unspeakable and agonizing pain. I wanted to just plain QUIT. I had reached a point of wishing death rather than continue the daily suffering. Mentally I couldn't think straight, was emotionally weary and depleted, and was questioning God why, why did He allow me to live, literality meaning, I died. Yes, I had a Near Death Experience (NDE). Thus, while making this transition I experienced perfect, unadulterated peace and love unlike anything I had ever felt in this earthly realm, I felt HIS pure and holy presence.Pain can hinder but it also can spur growth & purpose. In my pain I could barely talk or move, and the doctors feared if I would be able to walk again. At one point I wanted to give in to the pain and QUIT. But God had other plans. Miraculously I left the hospital in one week, it was projected that my stay would 3-4 months. TO GOD TRULY BE THE GLORY!! HE healed me quickly.Dont get me wrong it was a process. But God's love kept me through it all. He is a WONDER full of LOVE, GRACE and ETERNAL SALVATION!!
Parlean K. Post
June 3, 2015
In 2008 I was involved in a serious car accident. I sever my foot from my ankle accept for about an inch. I crushed my femur and I have a rod from my right knee to my hip. I have rod and pins in my right foot on both sides. The Doctor told my husband and parent I would never walk again. But God Said not so and today I walk on my own. God is a good God and He honors His promises. I have been married to my husband for 45 year and I know that I know that God is in the midst. So I tell you never give up because my God don't run out of nothing. Have a bless day.
s m. Post
March 3, 2015
I brag on God because His love for me has been manifested over and over again when I desperately need His help. He is always there. I brag on Him because He has let me know that He exists and He is my light and life. I brag about Him for His unfathomable grace and forgiveness . Because I have been forgiven much, I love Him much.
vanessa i. Post
November 28, 2014
I Brag ON my God because of his love for me l brag on my God because he is my keeper
vanessa i. Post
November 28, 2014
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 31, 2013
I have to just brag about god. I had being working on this problem at work and I just could not find the right computation. Two hours in to the computation today I gave up and pray to god to give me insight on how to solve this. A few minutes later I tried a couple of ways to do the computation and all of a sudden god gave me the insight on how to do it. This could only had happen with god's grace and my faith .
Amen to the lord.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
November 11, 2010
If I don't brag on God - the Bible says that the rocks will cry out!
No rock is getting the floor over me!
God is so kind and His love is so transforming - I am amazed when I really consider His greatness, my insignificance - and yet, His interest in me!
- Helen
Helen k. Post
November 11, 2010
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